Reasons to Outsource Document Scanning Company

You should have in mind that digitalizing your documents will provide you significant benefits than keeping the hard copies. However, after years of working by stockpiling the hard materials, it is challenging to start scanning them altogether.

On the other hand, businesses think that hiring in-house scanning personnel is much more efficient than finding a service to do it for you. It makes sense if you have a few documents, and you do not have to do it for months.

However, if you have hundreds of thousands of pages, it is much more efficient and productive to outsource a third-party document scanning company in Charlotte so that you can reduce the overall hassle.

Scanning a high volume of documents is not as simple as people tend to think, especially if you wish to organize everything so that you can access them afterward.

Remember that scanning large quantities will require expensive equipment, project management, dedicated staff, and space for a workstation, technical training, quality procedures, unique software as well as the workflow that will handle everything based on your preferences.

Another important consideration is that creating scanned archives is problematic because it is labor-intensive, time-consuming, and painstaking. At the same time, your staff needs to follow appropriate steps to prevent tearing down the old paper, which can be problematic at first.

On the other hand, finding the proper scanning company to do it for you is the best choice that will help you reduce the efforts and focus on your work instead of doing hard labor.

Finally, you will also reduce the expenses, overall stress, and increase general convenience, especially if you have in mind that you will get everything scanned on time. Of course, we recommend you find an experienced company that already handled similar projects.

At the same time, they should have proper certifications that will allow them to do it properly without affecting the accuracy of scanned documents. Numerous things can go wrong when it comes to both electronic and physical data.

Why Should You Outsource Document Scanning Company?

  • Reputation and Experience – The first thing you need to remember is that most prominent document scanning companies come with years of service and handling these particular assignments. Therefore, you will be able to rest assured and to determine their efficiency by checking out the testimonials and reviews from their official website and other online directories. Check here to learn how to prepare your paperwork for scanning. Besides, we recommend you to check out their previous projects, to determine whether they worked with someone from your industry niche. It is much better to conduct research beforehand than to pay to someone who will affect the accuracy due to low levels of experience.
  • Advanced Equipment and Technology – You should find someone experienced in a wide array of options, including the ability to handle the large-sized drawings, bound books, binders, photographs, microfiche, and other small cards, consumer videotapes and additional hard copies that you wish to upload on the cloud. At the same time, they need to have advanced scanning equipment that can handle any document as accurately as possible. The high-end ones feature dual-stream scanning for paper projects, which needs to capture every single page in both color and black and white depending on the type of documents you wish to digitalize. This is highly important for old and fading records.
  • Compliance and Security – You should check out whether the company comes with SOC 2 compliance, which stands for security, availability, and confidentiality. Therefore, you need to check out whether they follow proper procedures based on the standard regulations such as GLBA, HIPAA, and ISO27001 that will unable them to use your data against you. Check out this link: to learn more about GLBA. The idea is to find the organization that will remain confidential, especially when it comes to classified documents that may affect your company in case of leaking. Therefore, you should check out whether the personnel comes with the necessary equipment and ability to maintain their confidentiality along the way.
  • Quality Control – Finally, you will be able to follow the large project by analyzing various checkpoints to see whether everything complies with your preferences. As soon as they scan some number of pages or documents, they will send you samples for you to determine whether everything is okay. That way, you can verify the efficiency and quality, or prevent the issues that may happen in the initial phase.