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How To Get an HOA-Placed Lien on Your Home Removed

If you live in a homeowners association and have unpaid fees or fines, the HOA is empowered to collect that money by certain means. This includes placing a lien against your home. If you find yourself in this position, there are a few different options available to you.

File a Countersuit

This applies if you are withholding payment of your dues because the HOA has not upheld its contractual obligations. An example of this might be withholding payment because the HOA has failed to maintain certain common areas or provide certain amenities.

Oppose the Claim

If you are considering this option, talk to a lawyer. Each state has its own laws and regulations with regard to HOAs. Virginia, for example, has complicated real estate laws that can be tricky to understand. Contact a knowledgeable residential and commercial real estate lawyer Long Island to determine how to proceed.

Pay the Fees