Edgebrook Storefronts Suffer Fire Damages

Edgebrook Storefronts Suffer Fire Damages

Fire can be quite devastating, and a commercial building in Edgebrook has got a first-hand taste of just how devastating it can be. The building which housed a couple of storefronts was located in the 5300 blocks of West Devon Avenue. The building suffered grave damages from the fire.

Officers from the fire service were quick to respond to the call of the fire, which started at around 8:30 p.m on a Sunday night. The firefighters tended to the flames and smoke on the roof, attic, and other parts of the building. From eyewitnesses, the fire spread very quickly from a restaurant, before spreading to three adjacent storefronts, including an unoccupied salon storefront.

The police report mentioned that the fire department Office of Fire Investigations (OFI) is investigating the origin of the fire. However, a spokesperson from the OFI had earlier said that the fire might have started in the salon storefront, most likely due to an exposed halogen light in the attic.

However, the spokesperson of the fire department said that the original report from the fire department mentioned that the cause of the fire could be traced to the grease chute of the restaurant. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

A similar fire incident occurred back in 2012 at Aqua Salon. Following the incident, the salon operated from a temporary base until repairs were made. The Aqua Salon owner Noel Buican posted on social media that there were no plans for the salon to open again after this new incident.

Laura Clarke Guenther, a local goods Chicago owner, co-founded the organization Everyday Edgebrook along with Noel Buican, and together they launched an online fund-raiser to help raise $40,000 that will various businesses stand on their feet. Thus far, they’ve been able to raise around $3,875.

It is important to have a professional claims adjuster representing the consumer.

Clarke Guenther said the fire was really devastating, and she was concerned about the welfare of the businesses, and the community as a whole. “Lots of people suffered from the fire, and not just the businesses alone. I want to ensure that they remain in business and don’t go away. I want them to recover easily without any stress.”

Edgebrook Stone and Tile Design owner Oscar Banuelos mentioned he had plans to expand his business, and occupy the other empty storefront before the fire occurred. He said his apartment although didn’t suffer direct fire damages, suffered water damages.

“I was with my kids that Sunday evening, and I was preparing them for bed when I heard my phone ring in the other room. I went to get it, and I saw a call from my friend. I answered the call, and the first thing he said was ‘fire, the building is on fire.’ Everything was so fast. The power went out, and I saw lots of fire trucks pull over. I took my kids out as quickly as possible.” Banuelos said.

“The landlord is already fixing the ceiling and other parts.” he continued. “I am sure the insurance will take care of the rest, as well as those of my neighbors.

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Fatal Truck Accident Kills Two, and Injures One

It was a black day for Arkansas residents following the news that two people were killed on Interstate 30 in a Fatal Truck Accident.

The initial report by the Arkansas State Police suggests that the driver of the truck would most likely be held responsible for the catastrophic truck crash that killed two people and injured one person.

The details of the crash were made known to news outlets and the general public in a press release. The release mentioned that the operator of the truck was heading east on the interstate 30 when it crossed the dividing line. The action of the 18-wheeler truck driver resulted in it crashing into a police vehicle and another car that the officer had stopped. While the police officer sustained injuries, the driver and passenger of the other vehicle died on the spot.

There is no contention on who was at fault; however the bulk of the worry is whether the truck driver’s insurance policy will help to cover the damaging losses of the victims.

Both the police officer and the families of the deceased have a strong claim. The police officer may have a claim for injuries sustained from the truck, and the families of the deceased as well. The new federal laws have placed a marker for the insurance coverage amount a truck driver ought to carry. It usually ranges from $300,000 to $5 million. However the monetary damages inflicted by the trucker in this accident may exceed the range of values mentioned above.

Timothy Smith, one of the founders of Elliott & Smith Law Firm in Arkansas, gave an insight into what should be expected from the insurance coverage. He explained that insurance coverage limits offer specific difficulties and challenges for people who file truck collision claims.

“First things first, the limit comes to mind, and an insurance adjuster will tell you that they are only stipulated by law to payout according to the limit, irrespective of how much loss is incurred by the victim. What this means is that victims are going to lose out on recovering on a whole lot of things including medical bills, wages, and so on.”

Mr. Smith, however, mentioned that most experienced personal injury attorneys have a way of bypassing these challenges.

“Experienced personal injury attorneys have certain ways they bypass these limits most especially when it has to do with truck crash claims involving several players. If you have the right representation, and an experienced hand, you can obtain more than the coverage amount.”

Mr. Smith highlighted three critical areas for bypassing the insurance policy limits;

  • In the case where there are multiple parties involved, you can recover damages from all parties
  • Large truck companies have umbrella insurance policies that victims can get extra compensation from

Victims can pursue a party directly and bypass the insurance company altogether. In this scenario, the limit may not be applicable