CPA Exam Prep

If you wish to become a certified public accountant, there is a required exam you will have to take. It seems scary and daunting, but with proper studying and preparation, you can pass it. Here are three ideas that can help you get ready for your exam.  

Be Devoted

Once you decide to take the exam, there should be no going back. If you do not focus on studying and consider it to be extremely important, you will struggle. You will have to sacrifice many of your favorite activities and hobbies to ensure you are learning everything that will be on the tests.

Be Scheduled

Make sure you give yourself a proper amount of time to study in between each test. The four-part exam must be completed during a certain timeframe, but do not rush or stress over it. Everything does not need to be taken at once, so take the time to prepare for each section before you schedule it.  

Be Coached

Having a certified accountant who has already taken the test and knows what you should focus on is one of the best ways to study. The United CPA Association can help you find someone in your local area who may be willing to help you study. Working with a mentor or coach also provides the opportunity for you to have accountability with someone who will keep you on track.

Becoming a CPA is a great accomplishment. The exam is nothing to be afraid of if you have prepared for it.