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Super Elephant Kratom

The “Elephant” kind of Mitragyna Speciosa tree is known for top levels of alkaloids because it has bigger leaves, resembling an elephant. Super Elephant could also be a reputation prefix given to this kind of Kratom because it’s even denser concentration of those alkaloids! Super Elephant Kratom could also be a really strong green strain. It gets its name from the very large acacia like leaves. This strain is one of the strongest you will find. It offers all the characteristics of the quality green strains but much more intense. Super Elephant offers mood enhancing, relief and it’s extremely energetic. If you would like green vein kratom, you’ll love Super Elephant.


Some of the things you’d possibly observe when burning this strain are:

• All day energy                                                                     

• An increased sense of well being

• Complete mental clarity

• A reduction in anxiety

• A positive outlook on life…