Understanding 5 Panel Tests

Illegal drug use among employees can be detrimental to a business. Those with serious addictions or who are prone to using drugs during business hours can make costly mistakes in their work and even be a danger to themselves or others if they are operating heavy equipment or engaging in other potentially dangerous activities. Many companies in Texas choose to require their employees to undergo a  5 panel drug test houston for businesses located in this area.

5 Panel Drug Tests Defined

A standard 5 panel drug test requires the employee to provide a urine sample to a qualified physician or tester. It is so named because it can detect recent usage of 5 types of drugs: Cocaine, amphetamines, methamphetamines, opioids, and THC. These drugs stay in a person’s system for a set amount of time, meaning a drug test cannot determine whether a person has ever used any of these drugs in their lifetime. Some drugs, like cocaine and amphetamines, are only detectable for a up to 24 hours after usage. THC, on the other hand, is detectable for up to 10 days.

Challenges Associated With Drug Testing

As over-the-counter and prescription medications become more prevalent, it is important for both an employee and employer to safeguard themselves against potential challenges when administering a drug test. THC is becoming increasingly available via legitimate prescriptions for a variety of medical conditions, and a number of opioids and amphetamines are easily accessible for every day pain and cold treatments. It is imperative that an employee who is using one of these drugs legally provides written proof from a doctor should they test positive for one of these substances. Failure to do so could result in unfair termination, which in turn could become a lawsuit towards the company. Proper documentation will ensure that drug testing can serve the purpose for which it was designed, to ensure that all employees are abiding by the law and not putting themselves or the company in danger.