Month: October 2019

Tips on Conducting a Professional Recruitment

There are many different ways to recruit new employees. Large companies may have a very formalized process while smaller businesses may approach each one in a unique manner. If you’re new to the world of corporate recruitment you may want to reach out to a seasoned professional, such as Eyal Gutentag, for assistance. If you decide to do it on your own, here are a few tips for a successful recruitment.  

Create Customized Job Postings

Take time to consider exactly what you want your future colleague to do and what kind of person would complement the team most effectively. Generic job postings don’t do anyone any good. You want to paint an accurate picture of what you want this job to entail.

Promote Job Advertisements

Unless you’re posting a job at Facebook, Google or Disney, there’s a really good chance you’re going to need to do some serious promotion. …

What Are Security Risk Management Methods?

When looking at risk assessment there is a methodology that can be followed. While this process is not perfect it can help a person analyze the risk they are thinking about taking with their company and making sure they have all of the information about the risk so they can make an informed decision. When working with IT is it important to look at all of the security risks to make a better-developed program.

Information and Risk Assessment

When looking at risk including risk to an IT system there are some questions that a person needs to ask to get their information. They need to review the information about the assets and look at what they feel is the biggest risk to the security. There are databases with metrics that can be used to look at these risks and any possible threats to security.

Reviewing the Information for Risk Assessment