Getting Your Truck Ready for Cold Weather Driving

When you make your living by driving, you need to have total confidence in your truck every time you take off on a contract. That means knowing how to tune up your rig for the climate you’re operating in as you move locations and seasons. If you’re taking work in areas with cold weather for months at a time, you need to have the equipment to support your engine’s health and efficient operation to be sure you will arrive on time and under budget whenever you make supply runs to northern businesses and communities. Here are three must-have upgrades for driving in sub-freezing temperatures.

1. Winter Tires              

Tire tread is designed to a purpose, which is why you see so much variety in racing and recreational vehicle tires. Your semi’s tires work the same way, which means you’ll get the best control and consistent performance when you match your tire set to the climate. Winter tires have a tread design that provides traction on slick surfaces like ice while channeling snow away. Similarly, rainy season tires will improve your performance during stormy fall and spring months. Remembering to change sets can make the difference when the weather turns.

2. Cold Weather Intake Upgrades

Diesel fuel works best when it is operating in an optimal temperature range, and winter cold snaps test your vehicle’s ability to keep the fuel at the right temperature. An intake heater can help with that by making sure the air that is mixed with your fuel is warm enough to help the situation, even when the air outside is cold enough to cause issues. If you’re not sure which heater you need, aim high so you’re covered if there’s a seasonally harsh cold spell when you’re not expecting it.

3. Winterize Your Air Suspension

Your air shocks and suspension system will be affected by changes in temperature because the relationship gases have between temperature and pressure dictates it. That means you need a system that’s set up to work when the weather gets cold too make sure you have a smooth ride whenever you’re on a job. If you’re not sure what your current air shocks are built to handle, it’s probably time to investigate that as you plan your other winter upgrades. The difference it makes can wind up making your season when you’re getting ready for winter work. While you’re getting set up, don’t forget to find the creature comforts you need to be comfortable while you work in the cold too.