4 Ways to Declutter Your Home

Decluttering and organizing a home has become a pop culture phenomenon. To help you get started yourself, here are four ways to declutter.

Clean Out the Garage

Garages are common places for junk to collect overtime. It may take some time but cleaning out your garage, shed, or barn will declutter your home very quickly. You may not need to throw away everything. You could sell old metal items, even donate junk cars Sussex County NJ, at scrap metal collection sites; you could hold a garage sale to get rid of more random items.

Donate (or Resell) Clothes

Cleaning out your closet (or closets) is an easy task if you answer one question honestly: have you worn this item during the past year? If your answer is no, then it is time to donate or resell the item in question. You will be surprised how little you wear on a frequent basis.

Get the Kids Involved                              

Perhaps no one has a more random accumulation of stuff than your children. To declutter the whole house, it is important to get them involved in sorting through their clothes and toys and then donating unwanted and unused possessions. This is also a wonderful way to teach your children the many joys of giving to others who are in need, particularly during the holiday season.

Buy Furniture That Helps

Lastly, you may want to consider investing in some pieces of furniture that have organization literally built into it. Consider cube shelves, bedframes with drawers built in, or a moveable kitchen island with lots of hidden compartments.

The art of organizing doesn’t require any formal training, but it may take some hard work. Select one area of your house to declutter first; that will help you get started and help you feel less overwhelmed by the overall task.