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SwipeSum CEO Explains Why the Firm is the “Kayak” for Micro-Businesses

Just like single fellows have apps like Tinder to help them get a perfect match, small businesses have also found a matchmaker—Swipe Sum. This is a marketplace that aims to pair businesses with a credit card processing solution that meets their unique company needs.

And as the startup launches shop in St. Louis, it is offering this service for free to surrounding businesses chipping away at a $2.5 million seed round. The company is looking to grow like market counterpart secure trading ltd and other bigwigs.

According to Michael Seaman, CEO SwipeSum, this idea aims to offer services and experience just like Kayak does for travel industry. The only difference is that SwipeSum specializes in the payments space. The new platform compares credit card processors allowing the merchant to choose what package and price they prefer. And from a …