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What Is Titanium Good For?

Titanium has a wide range of applications in almost every industry. To understand the various applications of titanium better, it’s important to know that there are multiple structural types of it. This could help you when developing new products or constructing industrial machinery.

Alpha Alloys

Pure alpha titanium alloys are not heat treatable, but very weldable. They usually offer low to medium strength, however they do have the highest corrosion resistance out of the three types. This is a great choice if you need your product to work well at cryogenic temperatures. They also contain neutral alloying elements, like tin, and alpha stabilizers, like aluminum. An example is Ti6Al4V, which is a very common alloy in power generators and engine components.

Alpha-Beta Alloys

These alloys are also heat treatable, and mostly weldable. They contain both alpha and beta stabilizers, making them more flexible. This is also a commonly found titanium. One …