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Managing Data in the Digital Age

Every time you get a new phone, computer or tablet, you look at its storage capacity and think: “that should be plenty.” Every time, within a few months or years you’re getting alerts about low storage on your phone. Maybe you keep things in a cloud storage system, but how secure is that, really? Instead you invest in external hard drives that pile up and gather dust. Where you used to have an overflowing filing cabinet, now you have an overflowing desktop. What to do with all that data?

Destroy Old Data      

First and foremost, empty your trash. It sounds basic, but it’s harder in a digital environment than a physical one. Digital messes are much easier to ignore than real life ones. A filing cabinet full to bursting is impossible to ignore but a hard drive that’s cluttered with old or unnecessary data is practically invisible. Don’t just move …

Are You Managing Up?

Our quick concept of the day is Managing Up. If you’re not familiar with the term this article should serve as a good primer into a business concept that will change the way you approach business relationships. So, what is managing up?

Quite simply managing up is approaching your business relationships in such a way that you recognize all of your business dealings are a reflection of you. Let me give you an example: You’re late on a shipment to one of your customers because your supplier is late getting the product to you. Your customer calls you and is bent out of shape because you’re late…what do you do?

If you blame your supplier, and tell your customer what a flake the supplier is and that this has been happening more and more, and you’re dumping that supplier first thing in the morning…you’re definitely not managing up. Blasting your …

Great Tips On Managing Your Business From Your Home

Running a property business could possibly be the greatest task on the planet, but you will have to make enough earnings to cover your bills or else you’re going to be shutting up shop. The main component is that it is all you to be the business that is entire! The guidelines we’ve included right here can help you be profitable while staying sane.

For those who have or are about to begin a home business, be sure to establish an budget that is accurate. People fail at operating a home business simply because they underestimated the expense of materials that goes with making or offering their product. For the greatest financial help, think about hiring an accountant.

Create an advertising section for your website. After that you can trade links with other internet sites you understand. This method that is affordable of traffic is straightforward and advantageous to all …