Safety Features of Regulatory Signs

Regulatory signs are generally used to direct traffic. Some examples of these signs include the big red stop sign, railroad crossing indicators, and yellow construction warnings. The primary purposes behind each of these are to keep people safe and to share vital communications, such as “road work ahead.” Unfortunately, some drivers and pedestrians fail to see the signs designed to keep them safe.

Reduced Visibility Leads to Accidents

Accidents, such as crashes between multiple vehicles or between a vehicle and a non-motorist, are often caused because existing signs weren’t obvious with respect to the environment. Fortunately, there are several steps that can be taken to improve this situation.

  • Cut branches, thin bushes, and remove items that may be obscuring drivers’ view of signs.
  • Make sure the sign is close enough to the road for optimal visibility.
  • Increase the size of signs for increased visibility.
  • Install secondary regulatory signs, such as “stop ahead” warnings.

Many of the regulatory signs seattle wa drivers look for are hard to see because of new growth from nearby trees or shrubs. Throughout the country, the Federal Highway Administration and similar state and federal government agencies are taking further steps to improve drivers’ ability to see and recognize signs.

Additional Features Improve Visibility

Some valuable features of regulatory signs go beyond eye-catching colors and larger sizes. One of these features is the reflective quality. Reflective materials are identified by several different grades, from non-reflective aluminum to premium grade prismatic signs that can be seen from a distance and through visibly cluttered environments.

Each grade of reflectivity gives insight into how far away a motorist is able to see the sign. Durability is another important feature. When signs lose their brightness and begin to wear, it is harder to see them. Modern improvements include enhanced durability for up to 10 or 12 years of outdoor life.

Safety Is the Goal

Regulatory signs are often taken for granted as motorists pass speed limit signs and pull up to stop signs. However, their value is preventing crashes is appreciated by some drivers and by traffic oversight leaders. Steps taken to improve visibility are crucial for ongoing safety.