Easy Ways To Keep Your Drivers Happy

Truck driving companies have an overturn rate of nearly 98% but a thoughtful, caring employer can be the main key to retain the amazing drivers you’ve taken the time to find and hire. Drivers, just like anyone else, want to know they’re appreciated. When you implement a few key components to make your employees happy, you’ll boost morale and word will spread that you’re the top trucking employer.

Communicate Regularly

Drivers who are over the road may not see you for weeks at a time. Consider checking in weekly with open-ended questions to get a good idea of what’s working and what isn’t so you can adjust your processes or expectations. Keeping drivers up-to-date on company policies, such as commercial truck insurance in Glendale AZ, employee engagement activities, such as company picnics, or employee incentives, such as bonus checks, are necessary connection points to keep your drivers happy and informed.

Recognize and Reward

Have a company recognition program in place that emphasizes the dedication of your hardest workers. A kind word and company merchandise goes a long way to boost employee morale. Also, reward your top drivers through financial bonuses for good mileage, fuel economy or the holidays.

Train and Promote

Have excellent in-house training available for drivers so they have plenty of opportunities to advance within the company. Training shows you’re committed to your drivers success and safety. Use a company newsletter to list current classes and job openings. Create a clear promotion schedule to help drivers understand the advancement process and be excited to move up within the company.

Provide Comfort

Sitting in a truck all day can lead to poor posture, strained muscles and achy legs. Keep your fleet of trucks comfortable for your drivers through ergonomic seating and regular maintenance.

Being kind and attentive to your drivers can improve your bottom line tremendously. Without having to constantly replace drivers, you’ll have more time to invest in the ones you already have.