Why Print Design Is Beneficial for Your Business

The Importance of Print Design to a Business

Digital marketing has taken the world by storm. Entrepreneurs tend to focus most of their energy on online marketing, since their target audience will often be on the internet. Since most things are now primarily done in cyberspace, some might wonder whether print design can still affect their business performance. The answer is yes.

Why Is Print Design Effective for Advertising?The tangibility of print graphics makes it easy for customers to keep physical copies of advertisements near them, whether it be the coffee table or the fridge. Posters and brochures, for example, can last for a long time upon receipt. 

Printed items feel more legitimate and professional compared to online promotional materials. Your company appears credible when all the information about your products and services are readily available.

The quality of the design can also add character to your brand. Aesthetics and texture can help influence a customer’s perception of your company since they can gauge how professional or credible your business seems to be. The effectiveness of print designs is also amplified when consistent with your existing online branding since it makes you more recognizable.

Primary Benefits of Using Print DesignsPrint media is an effective marketing tool that can be used for any campaign. Recognizing the significance of this form of advertising can be very advantageous for any business. Some of the benefits a company can expect by opting for print designs include the following:

  • Customers Are More Likely to Respond to Print Media

Print designs are still highly compelling when it comes to promotions. Studies show that print advertisements can give a significant boost to a business’s conversion rates. Compared to other platforms, direct mail has shown a 38% success rate on customer acquisition. A target market is also 79% more likely to respond to print advertisements compared to the 45% who respond to emails.

The high response rate of customers to print media can be linked to how they find it easier to remember them. A study conducted in Penn State measured the effectiveness of print marketing compared to digital advertising. This was done by letting the respondents read ads from both platforms and assessing how memorable they were. The participants were able to recall the print media more.

An individual’s response to print ads compared to digital marketing is attributed to the brain’s part that works when viewing the former. When consumers see direct mails and brochures, they process them emotionally, which contributes to brand association and memory formation. People also place a higher value on services and products they see in print advertisements.

  • You Can Reach People OfflineAs popular as the internet is in this day and age, not everyone is as tech-savvy as most are inclined to believe. Some people rarely spend their time on the web, so it wouldn’t be easy to make them aware of your brand’s existence through digital advertisements. A good way of reaching them would be through print marketing. 

Some customers still prefer to review businesses through brochures and leaflets. By incorporating print advertising into your campaign strategy, you can be assured that you will promote yourself to as many potential customers as possible.

  • You Can Ensure Longer Audience EngagementConsumers tend to skim the content they read online, which includes advertisements. On the other hand, they are likely to spend 30% more of their time reading the information printed on pamphlets. People take their time reviewing the content in print graphics. After a while, because those are easily accessible to them, chances are they will review the ads at their leisure.

When customers are repeatedly exposed to your print designs, whether at home or in the office, they are left with a lasting impression of your business. Since they are likely to retain the information seen on your ads, you can use this as an opportunity to mention seasonal promotions. 

Through brochures and pamphlets, consumers can be aware of any limited deals your company will offer throughout the year. Once the time comes, since they already have your promotional materials at hand, they can review those again and consider making a purchase or hiring you for your services.

Work With an Experienced Graphic Design CompanyWhen it comes to graphics, the designs’ quality is essential to make your advertising more effective. Print designs made by an expert look more professional and can help attract more customers. Meet your marketing objectives and create high-quality pamphlets, leaflets, brochures, and more with the help of a graphic design agency that you trust.