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Edgebrook Storefronts Suffer Fire Damages

Edgebrook Storefronts Suffer Fire Damages

Fire can be quite devastating, and a commercial building in Edgebrook has got a first-hand taste of just how devastating it can be. The building which housed a couple of storefronts was located in the 5300 blocks of West Devon Avenue. The building suffered grave damages from the fire.

Officers from the fire service were quick to respond to the call of the fire, which started at around 8:30 p.m on a Sunday night. The firefighters tended to the flames and smoke on the roof, attic, and other parts of the building. From eyewitnesses, the fire spread very quickly from a restaurant, before spreading to three adjacent storefronts, including an unoccupied salon storefront.

The police report mentioned that the fire department Office of Fire Investigations (OFI) is investigating the origin of the fire. However, a spokesperson from the OFI had earlier said that the fire …

What You Need To Know About Fire Suppression Systems

California, along with parts of Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, and Montana, is located in a region prone to wildfires that spans across the majority of the West Coast. As such, both businesses and laypeople need to consistently protect themselves against the threat of wildfires. Just last year, California was home to the world’s largest wildfire recorded in modern history by a measure of surface area. The 2018 California wildfire season also resulted in the direct destruction of more buildings, homes, and other structures than any other fire in history. Let’s take a look at what fire suppression systems are and also go over the wealth of benefits that they bring to the proverbial table.

What Is A Fire Suppression System?

Fire suppression systems contain all the components necessary to alert relevant authorities that smokey air and high temperatures have been detected and where. They also have light-up evacuation signs …